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2014 Update -
Only a few small birds left 3kg - 4kg £25.50 - £34.00
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Bronze Freerange Christmas Turkeys for sale near Exeter Devon
We have Freerange Bronze Turkeys for sale, near Exeter, Devon.  The turkeys are reared on organic land, fed an organic diet and supported by homeopathic remedies rather than antibiotics.
We take pride in giving the Christmas Turkeys a good quality of life with spacious paddocks to scratch around in by day a cosy shed by night.  We believe that allowing the turkeys to lead a happy and healthy life is not only our resposibility as rearers, but also effects the taste and nutritional value of meat.  With many of us becoming more and more aware of how the things we eat affect our own health, where better to start than a pure and succulent Freerange Turkey for your Chrismas Dinner.
The life of our Bronze Freerange Turkeys
The Bronze Turkeys arrive to us near Exeter, Devon as day old chicks at the end of July.  Here they are reared in a shed under heat for around 4 weeks.  These first few weeks are crucial for the turkeys and they require frequent monitoring at this stage. 
At around 6-7 weeks of age the turkeys are old enough to be let outside to scratch and fly around in spacious freerange turkey pens.  They are incredibly inquisitive birds and fly across the pen towards you when they see you coming, occasionally managing to escape over the top of the fence!  We keep the turkeys fenced in to protect them from predators, mainly foxes, who given the chance would kill a fair proportion of them in his quest for one meal!
The turkeys enjoy the freerange lifestyle right up until around 10th to 13th of December, at which point they are are hand plucked and then hung in the cold room for around 10days, which has been proven to allow the flavour to develop fully and the meat to tenderise, producing the superior taste and succulence of the Freerange Bronze Turkey.  Once the Christmas Turkeys have been allowed to hang for this time, they are then butchered and prepared oven-ready on site to minimise the carbon footprint.
This process, we believe provides quality, local freerange turkeys to the Exeter area people, many of whom have been buying our Freerange Christmas Turkeys for years.  Our aim is to rear happy and contented freerange turkeys in the most natural and safe environment we can, producing in the end a tasty turkey and reasonable prices. 
We are in most part below the price of a similar product in the supermarkets and strive to keep our prices low and our customers happy.  This year we have been forced to raise the prices as the feed cost has increased 20% on last year, although our prices have not risen that much.  Please see the prices page for more information and comparision with supermarket prices this year.
Over the years we have provided on farm collection, greeting you with a festive sherry, but upon arrangement delivery can be provided at cost price.
We can also be found on the NFU Turkey website, along with many other local turkey producers
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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